Child Custody Lawyer in Reno, NV

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When Do You Need To Hire A Child Custody Lawyer In Reno?

Are you debating whether or not you need the services of a child custody lawyer in Reno? You can always represent yourself but there are situations when hiring a Reno Family law attorney is prudent. Here are some situations when hiring a child custody lawyer in Reno is the best course of action.

1. If Your Ex Has Hired An Family Law Attorney

Has your ex hired a child attorney for the custody case? Well, you need to hire one too. If you can’t afford to hire a child custody attorney because of the legal fees, you can always look for free legal aid in the area. You should be on the same page with your ex to avoid any issues thereafter.

2. If There Are Complications In The Case

Your child custody case might start out simple enough but complications might arise as you progress. For instance, your ex might change their mind about sharing custody or any other agreements you had made previously. On the other hand, your ex might try convincing the court that you’re unfit to take care of the child. If this happens, you need a child custody lawyer to negotiate the custody agreement on your behalf.

3. If The Case Has Crossed Jurisdictions

If both you and your ex don’t live in Reno, a child custody lawyer should be hired. It should be the case if you both live in different countries. You might not have all the necessary information regarding child custody laws in the various jurisdictions but a lawyer knows what to do, especially if it’s an international case.

4. If Your Child Is In Danger

You can’t afford to lose the custody case if you believe your child’s safety is on the line. Of course, you should involve the authorities in this case if you believe your child is in imminent danger. If possible, you should get a restraining order and share all your concerns with the child custody lawyer to avoid any surprises during or after the case.

5. If Your Ex Is Denying Access To The Kids

Has your ex tried limiting your contact with the kids? For instance, has he/she tried canceling visits at the last minute or denying visits altogether? If that’s the case, hiring a child custody lawyer is in your best interest. Such behaviors from your ex are a sign that you need the best lawyer by your side.

6. If The Court Is Forcing You To Participate In Treatment Or Take Classes

Have you been forced by the court to take parenting classes? Are you being forced to register for anger management classes? Is the court forcing you to take alcohol or drug, treatment classes? If that’s the case, you are already at a disadvantage and you need a legal expert to help you.

When choosing a child custody lawyer, you need to find someone who has experience in handling child custody cases in Reno. Find out their specializations, their track record and whether or not they have excellent communication skills to help you remain updated regarding the whole case.