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How to Find The Best Divorce Attorney

The divorce process is not an easy one, and it usually demands a great deal of time and professional aid. With the right divorce attorney, the process can be fairly painless, and you may even end up getting everything you wanted. Finding the best divorce lawyer to represent you is not a straightforward task yet very important. Below are some tips to follow in picking the right person for the job.


The best way to find a good attorney is by referrals from people who have previously used their services. If you know people, who have gone through a divorce and were satisfied by their lawyers’ services, start by visiting those attorneys. If you know non-divorce attorneys, you could ask them to recommend excellent divorce lawyers.


You must have a budget that you wouldn’t want to exceed. Depending on the length of the marriage, the number of kids, assets involved, among other factors, you will decide whether to hire a $500/hr attorney or a cheaper one. Most reputable divorce lawyers may be too expensive for you. Always pick lawyers within your price range.


Your lawyer of choice must have experience in family law. While there is nothing wrong in hiring a practitioner who practices outside divorce, do not retain one who handles a single case every year. Regulations keep changing, new arguments emerge, and case dynamics change. Therefore a lawyer who regularly works in divorce has a better chance of winning.

Your divorce process of choice

Divorce can be simple or long and tiresome depending on the parties involved. You can tell the direction your case is likely to take before you hire a lawyer. Decide if you want to use litigation, mediation, cooperative, or collaborative process. An expert in mediation may not be as good in the litigation process. You need to match a lawyer to your divorce process; otherwise, you will not get satisfactory results.

Have multiple choices

While one name may keep popping up in your pursuit for the best lawyer, you should have alternative options. Going from one divorce attorney to the next may be exhausting, but every one of them will have a different approach to your case. Weigh the opinions of each lawyer and settle on the one with an approach that best suits you.

Establish trust

Every practitioner you interact with will have a different impact on you. Divorce demands openness, and you may have to reveal very private information about your marriage. Your divorce attorney of choice must create an environment where you are free to share anything without fear or shame.

During your first consultation, you will be asked detailed questions that form a basis for your case. In this session, you can either connect with the lawyer effortlessly or be uncomfortable. If you are not comfortable to carry on with the meeting, that is a clear indicator that you should not retain them.

Hiring an attorney is more than just reciting your story over and over or answering questions. You must be prepared to interview the lawyer as well. Some will over-promise to get you to hire them while others don’t ask follow-up questions to understand your case thoroughly. Prepare a list of questions beforehand and carefully interview every attorney.

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